First time sellers are often stumped when it comes time to create the content of their real estate listing. They have no idea what features to play up and which to downplay, and unless they have a real estate agent helping them out, are likely to make a mistake that could cost them financially by forcing them to miss out on buyer interest or turning off a potential buyer. If you need help figuring out which features buyers are interested in, this REtipster article will help as well as our tips below.

Rooms and Size

Apart from the price, what buyers are most looking to learn from a listing is how big the house is. Most buyers search for their next home with a certain desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms, so this is the first thing you should list. Generally speaking, bedrooms need to have a door and a closet, but a den can be counted as a small bedroom if needed. Half baths (bathrooms without showers or tubs) should also be listed in the count along with the total square footage of the home.


When buyers are searching for a downtown condo to buy, they want to know how long it's going to take them to get to work if they buy your home and also how easy or difficult it will be to get essentials like groceries or exercise. So you might want to help them out by listing the nearby features of your neighborhood along with the distance in walking minutes. Buyers are most looking for the distance to: public transit stops, grocery stores, parks, and restaurant/business districts. Ads that are aiming for urban professionals may highlight that they are close to the financial district for instance. Some real estate agents are looking to attract to student buyers/renters or investors, if the city of is home to a local University or College. You might see ads on their realtor sites that list their distance to the University campus or the proximity to the bus stop that will take them there.


You'll often see real estate listings that boast "hardwood throughout" or "marble countertops." This is because these features are very popular with buyers. Check with an agent to find out what's currently trending, but hot features that never really seem to go out of style include: decks, hardwood floors, updated kitchens and bathrooms, finished basements, and glass showers. If you have any of these features, mention them in the listing. Be sure to also list new windows or doors, a/c systems and a new roof if you have replaced or upgraded any of these systems recently.


Honest sellers don't want to lie about their property and will often feel compelled to list the flaws in their property right in the listing. We don't advise you to do this. Listings are for positive features only. The flaws will be apparent when the buyer does a walk through or you can have the agent showcasing the home during an open house mention that issue and what might be done to resolve it. Some sellers may choose to go ahead and have a home inspection done and offer to reduce the price for the cost of the repairs to entice the buyer and show your honesty. If you don't know what type of problems your property has, but have a suspicion something is amiss, contact a home inspection company in your area, such as those found at and have them provide an inspection report. If your house has a leaky roof, a mildew problem in the bathroom, or has been fumigated for termites in the past, and you don't disclose the information, you could be in for a big headache in the future. Brought to you by Trinity Family Dental, our favourite dentist.

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