Everyone enjoys having some outdoor space like a balcony or patio when they cannot have a yard. If you were to live in a condo you can still be able to enjoy the benefits of having a balcony where you can either set up a colorful garden or bask in the sunshine on a summer's day.

It never fails to amaze whenever we take a look at an area where there is so much diversity and Eagle County Colorado is just one of these areas. So many small towns dot this county and they each offer something different. From dense forests to widen open spaces. For those living in busy cities or concrete jungles, diversity is indeed the order of the day.

Eagle County is blessed with unique beauty and majestic views of the Rockies. The ambiance is something to die for and homes can be anything from those multi million mansions to single family homes and modern condos. A real estate agent would readily tell you that some of the luxury homes in the area can easily hold their own against some of their counterparts in Los Angeles or Manhattan..

Communities in Eagle County are extremely supportive and is a prime reason for the emergence of many family- owned businesses and restaurants. Eagle County is mainly a mountainous resort and offers a perfect vacation spot for all ages.

Eagle County has a good transportation system, a very serviceable airport, and a good regional school and library system. Its cultural base is made up of American, Hispanic, and European influences. There are an abundance of amenities and entertainment options in the area. Plenty to keep all busy who want to be!

Eagle County's residents take a healthy interest in politics and are very attentive to civics. There are lots of annual festivals, concerts, and rodeos to be enjoyed. The County plays host to one of the largest July 04 fireworks and there is a summer market and world cup racing as well.

Eagle County offers a sport for all seasons; from skiing to biking and from snow boarding to fishing. There is also golfing, fabulous shopping, and top class restaurants to be enjoyed.

So why not come and see for yourself? Take a vacation and bring the family along for either a ski trip or a fishing outing. Come and enjoy those charming Rockies or spend time golfing. Stay for a while! Be sure to get a hotel room or rental with a balcony so you can sit outside and enjoy the view.

This beautiful image of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado is courtesy of Appletree Dental of Kids (Georgina dentist office.) "We specialize in caring for your child's precious smile."

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