If you're planning a big ski trip vacation to Vail, Colorado so that you can get away from the hum drum of everyday life, you should be as prepared as possible for your upcoming ski trip. Colorado can have extreme weather changing patterns.

That means having ski equipment ready, either by purchasing it and bringing it with you, or renting it from the ski lodge you'll be staying at, packing your bag so that you don't forget anything important like your passport or any prescription medication you take and to be as up-to-date on the weather in Vail as you possibly can be.

If check out the weather report in Vail and see that there's an avalanche warning you need to take that quite seriously. There's never anything funny about avalanche warnings and it's best to find out about an avalanche warning in Vail before you jet-set for your Vail ski trip than after already boarding your flight.

If the avalanche warning is only going to be in effect for a few short hours then there's no need to cancel your trip and you can still catch your flight. However, if the avalanche warning is going to be in effect for a large duration of your scheduled Vail ski trip then you might want to think long and hard about cancelling your trip altogether and instead spend some time at home working on your contemporary art projects that you keep putting aside.

The risks are just too high to hit the mountains during an avalanche warning in Vail just so that you can get your ski fix. It's better to miss your ski trip altogether and focus on craft ideas than it is to risk hitting the slopes and getting injured during an avalanche. While you might think that frostbitten cheek or broken ankle is worth braving the extreme weather conditions that come with an avalanche something much worse than injury could occur.

After a recent avalanche in Vail a skier actually died during a run at a closed Vail Mountain resort run and there have actually been a few avalanche related deaths in Vail this year alone. While snow is a good thing for skiers an avalanche is not! Take avalanche warnings seriously, whether you're planning a ski trip to Vail or any other snow covered mountainous range for that matter.

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